Stephen Curry - Under Armour #RuleYourself social media campaign.

Under Armour’s “Rule Yourself” campaign was designed to promote their training category, focusing on the idea that great athletes no longer just set goals—they establish rules.

Featuring global athletes like Misty Copeland, Julio Jones, and Stephen Curry, the campaign aimed to create brand awareness, inspire user-generated content (UGC), and connect directly with athletes around the world. The main objective was to launch a social media campaign that would resonate deeply with the target audience and encourage them to share their own “rules.”

Wordsling’s Impact: Social Media Storytelling + Creative Direction

Wordsling led the creative direction and execution of the “Rule Yourself” campaign with the following key responsibilities:

— Developing a cohesive creative strategy that aligned with Under Armour’s business goals and brand identity.

— Leading a team of content producers, photographers, and community managers to bring the campaign to life.

— Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure a unified brand message across all digital platforms.


To support the “Rule Yourself” campaign, Wordsling crafted a strategy that leveraged the power of social media to engage and inspire athletes everywhere. The approach included:

— Encouraging athletes to share their own “rules” using the hashtag #RuleYourself, creating a strong sense of community and participation.

— Offering clear incentives to motivate participation, making it easy for users to join the conversation.

— Maintaining a consistent visual theme to ensure brand cohesion and enhance the campaign’s visual appeal.

Misty Copeland - Under Armour #RuleYourself social media campaign.
Julio Jones - Under Armour #RuleYourself social media campaign.
User-Generated Content examples from Under Armour's #RuleYourself social media campaign.
Creative Direction + Execution

Wordsling took charge of the #RuleYourself campaign, from concept development to final execution. We managed the entire creative process, ensuring that every element of the campaign was designed to maximize engagement and impact.

By focusing on the athletes’ personal rules and stories, we created a narrative that resonated deeply with the target audience.

Comprehensive Content Creation

Our team produced a variety of content to support the campaign, including:

— Social Media Posts: Engaging visuals and videos featuring Misty Copeland, Julio Jones, and Stephen Curry sharing their own rules.

— User-Generated Content: Encouraging athletes everywhere to share their rules, creating a vast pool of UGC that amplified the campaign’s reach.

— Interactive Experiences: Using social media platforms to create interactive and shareable content, enhancing user participation and engagement.

Solving Key Issues

We addressed several critical challenges to enhance the campaign’s effectiveness:

— Audience Engagement: By focusing on relatable and inspirational content, we significantly increased audience engagement and interaction.

— Brand Consistency: Ensured all campaign elements aligned with Under Armour’s brand values and messaging, creating a cohesive and powerful narrative.

— Digital Reach: Leveraged social media platforms to maximize the campaign’s reach and impact, effectively targeting the right audience segments.

Performance Results

The #RuleYourself campaign achieved remarkable success, becoming one of the most successful social media campaigns in Under Armour’s history. In the first month alone, the campaign generated:

— 745 million impressions

— 2 million engagements

— 54,000 hashtag mentions

— 22,664 UGC entries

These metrics highlight the campaign’s effectiveness in driving brand awareness and engaging the target audience.

The Evolution

By focusing on the athletes’ personal rules and journeys, we helped Under Armour create a powerful and resonant campaign that inspired their audience to define and share their own “rules.”