Screenshot of in 2011.

Red Bull is a global leader in energy drinks and action sports, with as its central hub for events, product info, athlete pages, and captivating content. The site faced challenges in presenting resources effectively, with outdated design and a cumbersome CMS.

In 2012, Wordsling redesigned the website with the latest in graphic and web design and innovative content development strategies. The redesign amplified Red Bull’s brand identity, engaged a broader audience, and empowered their team to deliver high-value content, driving millions of visits each month

Wordsling’s Impact: Web Design and Content Strategy

Wordsling took charge of the effective production and management of, ensuring a seamless and impactful user experience. We supervised the entire redesign process, from initial concept and build to rigorous testing and successful release.

Our team developed innovative digital marketing strategies and programs tailored to meet and exceed’s goals. By combining our expertise in web design, content development, and marketing, we crafted a dynamic and engaging platform that truly represents Red Bull’s energetic brand, attracting and retaining millions of visitors each month.

Solving Key Issues for Red Bull’s Website

Wordsling tackled several critical issues on, transforming its usability and effectiveness. The original site featured too many focal points, disorganized key content elements, and lacked contrast in color and text, making navigation difficult. It was also missing clear call-to-action elements.

Despite high traffic (5 million visits per month), the site suffered from a high bounce rate of 73% and a low returning visitor rate of 13%. Our redesign streamlined the content, improved visual contrast, and incorporated prominent call-to-action elements, resulting in a more engaging and user-friendly experience that keeps visitors coming back.

Performance Results

Our redesign of Red Bull’s website achieved remarkable performance improvements. The bounce rate plummeted from 73% to 33%, meaning nearly 70% of all homepage visits now lead to a second page view.

Additionally, the return visitor rate more than doubled, rising from 13% to 28%. These results highlight the success of our strategic approach in engaging and retaining users, significantly enhancing the overall user experience on

The Evolution of the Redesign

In 2013, Red Bull integrated many elements of our redesign into its global website overhaul. Wordsling played a crucial role in ensuring that the redesign incorporated all key elements and treatments. We led the creation of essential content, producing original pieces ranging from editorialized blog posts to short-form videos, meeting the diverse needs of the revamped site.

We can still see Wordsling’s redesign in’s current iteration.