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Photos Of Basketball Courts From Around The World

In September, 2015, I was assigned to create content for the basketball category at Under Armour and found myself standing in front of several basketball courts from around the world.

I had grown up playing basketball at a young age, and it continues to be my favorite sport.

There’s just something serene about watching street ball, watching kids organize teams, assigning positions, keeping score, high-fiving each other, a stranger perhaps, a potential friend, and as I look at these photos of courts from Beijing to Manila, I feel blessed for the opportunity to witness the sport grow as much as it did.

Basketball courts in Manila
A makeshift basketball court near the tarmac of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. (Photo by Roel F. Concepcion)
Basketball courts in Beijing
Students from Tsinghua High School in Beijing playing basketball. (Photo by Roel F. Concepcion)
Basketball courts in New York City
A basketball court a few blocks north of the Freedom Tower. (Photo by Roel F. Concepcion)
Basketball courts in Tokyo
The basketball court at the National Yoyogi Athletic Field, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Roel F. Concepcion)
Basketball courts in Baltimore
The Federal Hill basketball court in Baltimore is empty during a snowy day. (Photo by Roel F. Concepcion)

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