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It’s so fitting that HBO brought back Frost/Nixon — what with these harrowed times. Watching Frost/Nixon is like watching the future, sort of.

I can see it now. One day, No. 45 will be faced with a similar line of questioning that No. 37 faced in retirement — of crime, of letting down America, of letting down democracy.

I have a feeling, though, that No. 45’s response wouldn’t be as gallant as Nixon’s, as moving and painful, and he probably won’t even show, and perhaps never know about, the level of humility it takes to deal with the most difficult job in the world.

But to fully disrespect it, like Nixon did, and what Trump is doing now is unforgivable. It’s attempted murder. It’s treason. It’s animal. Thankfully, Nixon didn’t kill the country. Democracy lived on, and I know that despite what Trump is doing or attempting to do, the country will live on and be even stronger than what it was before. I believe that and will continue to believe it.

Roel F. Concepcion

Chief Explorer

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