Nina at Newport

Just added Nina at Newport, vinyl edition, to my Amazon wish list. Apple Music, my preferred choice of streaming music, doesn’t play it, which is probably a good thing. I’d rather hear Nina Simone on vinyl anyway.

I came across this album because “Trouble in Mind” was one of the first Nina Simone songs I’ve ever heard. I immediately fell in love with her voice, and the way she delivered the pain and the suffering to the song. It strikes the part of the heart most vulnerable, most in need of caress, the part where all life’s sorrows and loneliness reside.

I must listen to her sing it at least once a year.

It was just recently that it dawned on me that it’s part of a bigger album recorded live by Nina Simone in 1960 at the Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, Rhode Island. If any of the other recordings on the album had an ounce of the magic Nina was spitting that night, it’s well worth the purchase.

Roel F. Concepcion

Chief Explorer

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