Finding My Voice

Practice. Practice. Trying to listen to my voice here.

I’m practicing on listening, listening intently to my voice, the voice in my head, my true self, my truest self, so when I write stories, when I write and edit, that what I want to say in my head is there, right on the paper or screen.

Usually I prefer writing on paper. I do. I wish I can continue but when I start editing after writing longhand, for some reason, I think it’s the fact that I’m hyping up the words too much, that I feel like the whole world will be reading, and that I should make sure that I sound like this person or that, and I wholly neglect that voice which I haven’t found yet.

So I don’t sound like myself, at least, I don’t think so, and that bogs me down because there’s so much weight on every word and every sentence, trying to make it perfect, “clean as a bone” as Baldwin once said, and no matter how many times I try, no matter how many times I revise and edit, I come back to a place where I feel that nothing is sufficient.

Roel F. Concepcion

Chief Explorer

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