What shall I do with the ghost staring at me in my living room?

Shall I shake his hand to congratulate him on his arrival? It must’ve been some ride from wherever he came from, no doubt. Shall I ask him to tea, ask him about life – and death – and ask him if he’s craving anything, like fresh strawberry pie or braised goat tacos from North Hollywood. Shall I […]

L.A. Notes

The Reason Why I Fell in Love with Words

I gave my money to the Los Angeles Times today. When I was growing up, my parents read the newspaper religiously. The Daily Breeze when we lived in the South Bay. The Press-Telegram when we lived in Long Beach. My mother had told me: “Read the newspaper. You’ll be smarter.” And so I did, and […]

Notes The Writing Process

Three Books I'm Reading Today

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge among writers (you never really know) but it’s always worth pointing out that if you want to become a better writer than you were yesterday, you must read everything. ”I’m influenced by everything I read, shamelessly. ‘In a review someone said, ‘Oh, she sounds very much like […]

Notes Poetry

Today, I read a poem…

It was by Helena Lipstadt entitled “A Quarrel with the Village of My Birth.” The word “village” lured me in. I fell in love with each “Even her” – especially in the following line: “Even her avenues are lined with pikes.” Then I read each “Of course” and was compelled to share. Read “A Quarrel […]