At my writing desk.

Roel F. Concepcion is a Philippines-born American fiction writer currently writing from L.A.  

Born in Manila and raised in Long Beach, California, Roel endured the violence and gang warfare that engulfed Southern California in the late 1980s to the early 1990s, where colors ruled daily life, colors both worn and born. It was this experience that pushed him to get out as soon as he could. 

Early on, he went the corporate route, working for many years as a marketing and advertising professional, telling stories for brands like Red Bull and Under Armour, and creating content for websites like and 

DTLA, 2017

It wasn’t until a cold night in the fall of 2015 when Roel realized what he had to do, what he had always dreamed of doing, a dream that manifested out of those experiences in Long Beach, a dream of writing fiction and pursuing his love for reading and writing, creating and telling, because on that cold night in 2015, his son was born and Roel decided almost immediately to pull himself out of those cubicles and into his own space at home to write short stories, poems, novels, and even blog posts. 

“How can I possibly tell my kid to follow his dreams when I couldn’t even follow my own?” he said to his wife.

So he quit his job, essentially his first career, and focused all his time on three things — writing, raising a child, and being a supportive husband.

Roel now has two kids to take care of full time, and they are his main drivers in life and in writing. No longer does he follow a clock that whips its short and long hands into his flesh. It’s his kids who conduct his days and nights, free time and work time, sleep time and wake time, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.  

What’s up with

NHMLA, 2018

Roel created Wordsling with the intention to gain and retain readership, and fully own and control the content that he creates. It’s a platform that allows him to test out ideas, share things he loves, tell quick stories, and be silly about it all.

“It’s high time we start owning our story both in images and text,” Roel said. “We’re just giving away our content to platforms like Twitter and Instagram so they can use it to profile who you are so they can match you with some lame-ass advertiser, where money is exchanged and your ideas are shared. And here we all are just giving them everything for free.”

Whether or not Wordsling will work to gain readership, connect with others, or entertain is up to the Internet gods, but at the very least Roel knows it will work for him — and that’s the only thing that matters.

The mission.

The one thing Roel knows he can talk about in length (and do so consistently) is his emergent writing career as it relates to being the primary caretaker of two children. 

Roel Concepcion
Selfies, 2016.

So to answer “What’s up with”

It’s a website featuring a collection of half sentences, mind trips, and misunderstandings from someone who writes fiction for a living and is powered by two amazing children who serve as constant reminders that what he’s doing and what’s he’s done and where he’s headed is right on point.